Thursday, May 5, 2011

Matching Dresses!

Matching Dresses...That's all I have to say!  No just kidding :) So my two girls participated in the talent show at curch a couple of weeks ago. They both LOVE to dance! So I let them do their thing and choreograph a dance pick music etc. Then came the day of  the acutal Talent show ( Yes I did say the DAY OF) Here is how it went

Mom: So what are you going to wear for costumes
Girls: Umm we don't know yet...we will figure something out
Mom: are you kidding?
Girls: No why?
Mom: because you can't just throw something on ( ok I may be a little oc about how they look at an event as such)
Mom: again..ok let's go to TJ max and see if we can find something CHEAP ( I am a bargain hunter after all)

We arrived at the store picked out several choices for each that would go well together and to my extreme DELIGHT they chose these adorable MATCHING dresses.

Now for most this would not mean anything but you have to understand I am the kind of mom who forced her girls to wear matching dresses for holidays until emily was probably 11 or 12 and then I CRIED when the firs holiday came that I relented and let them have their own dresses.

So I was so embarrassingly giddy at the store when they chose these adorable matching dresses they both loved and could wear again...although they will probably never be worn at the same time again..that would be horrifying to a teenager.

But alas I will relish in one more moment of my two little ( ok not so little anymore) girls and their matching dresses.

P.S. They did awesome and the talent show too!