Friday, April 9, 2010

What's Happening

So here we are already April...where does time go? Here is an update on some things we have been doing and some projects I have completed.
I made this cute Rag Purse fro my friend Kadee's Birthday. I LOVE the way it turned out. I have big plans to make more of these for friends for birthday's. You can check out how to make it here.

My assignment for card swap for March was Adult Birthday. We are doing something new this year in my card swap group where we each have an assignment so we go home with a stack of different themed card each month. You can check out all our card swap cards at The Rowdy Rooster
I saw these on a blog somewhere and decided it would be a quick fun journal to make. It sits on my desk and I like to keep track of all the projects I would love to do....if only there was more time in the day.

These were some fun Valentine cards I made with just 3 sheets of paper. I was playing around with the technique of wetting down paper with a squirt bottle and folding and twisting it... I saw a lot of this at the craft and hobby show.

For our February Card swap we had a baby shower for our fellow card swapper Amber who was having a boy. We each brought her a set of thank you cards she could use to send thank you's after her shower. These were can see more at The Rowdy Rooster.
I love this Baby gift Jar. It is my favorite gift to give right now. I usually fill it with cute ribbon burb cloths , an outfit, and or toys. Everyone loves a gift that includes cute storage right? :)
In March my kids preformed "Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat" with Arts off Broadway. They had a blast! The Uncle Jon was the Director and their cousins and Aunt were also in the production. It was a lot of work but they had a grea time. Emily played one of Joseph's brothers, Sarah was an adoring girl and one of the wives, and Adam was evil corn.

Nothing says spring like a little boy ( ok not so little but still little to me) hunting for easter eggs in his baseball uniform. Easter and Baseball it is certainly spring!

Ok so the girls think they are too big to hunt for easter eggs but I did convince (and it took a lot of convincing and eye rolling) them to pose for these cute pictures.

We have just returned from the land of cold and snow in Park City Utah. We spent spring break sledding, skiing, shopping , seeing new things, reading books, hanging out and just plain Family fun. I will post mor fun pics once I get them organized. Here is part of the clan heading to the sledding tow to take them back up the hill for another thrilling ride.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Where does time go?

So I said (in my previous post ) I has all these wonderful things to share and now it has almost been a month and where are they sitting right here I tell ya...those cute Valentine cards I made and need to photograph, and those fabulous Valentine tiles I made for the kitchen sitting right in the pile with the other Valentine stuff ( I have yet to put away). Oh Yeah and that Great Valentine banner I was working on....sitting right here to, only it only made it to half done :( So what to do with all these projects??? Start new ones right? That is what we crafters do. I really want to work on my kids bedrooms this weekend. Sounds fun right not sure how hubby will feel about half done projects and new ones starting. :) I will let you now how it works out.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I have been real busy crafting lately so here is a quick update of some of the fun things I have been working on.

P.S. Coming soon
Valentine Cards
Valentine Banner
Valentine Tiles
Yep...Valentine's is in the air

My sister in law had a birthday recently and I found the cutest cupcake holder at target. I "sweetened" the gift by adding some handmade cupcake holders a tag and lots of cute ribbon. Happy Birthday Emily!

For the girls in Yong Womens at church this year I found this cute block Idea at Pebbles in my Pocket. I Added a cute card to the top with a Picture of all the YW together from last year.
The Theme for this year is Joshua 1:9 "Be Strong and of Good Courage".

Super Bowl Sunday! Well we had a little Super Bowl party yesterday, the kids and I had a great time creating this fun set up on our island. I purchased some astroturf at home depot and we hot glued white ribbons on for the yardage markers. Sarah also printed out each teams logo for each end but they are not in the picture. This was the easiest thing and was a big hit!

See ya soon with some more Stuff...Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok so yesterday a good friends husband got us both into the CHA show( for those of you who do not know what that is, this is the Craft and Hobby Associations winter show where many craft companys-ie: scrapbooking , card making etc. release and show off their new products).

SO there was a ton of cute stuff there and we got a few free samples and made some great make and take projects but ..........

This machine will make you an amazing cake/cupcake designer
It will cut gum paste and frosting sheets using any of the cricut cartridges! Amazing.
It was completely redesigned to be a food safe machine and heres the coolest thing for those of us who LOVE red they wnet to Kitchenaid and asked for their most popular color and try to match the kitchen aid red as close as possible.
I don't think they will actually be available for a couple months but when they are they will retail for around $399. I guess I would really have to make a LOT of cakes and cupcakes to convince myself to get one, but I can still dream of all the wonderful things I COULD do with it.

Cricut did a great job with the marketing of it at the show they gave away cute Bakers hats and you could make a cute cupcake right there and then make a cute cupcake holder and package it all up so cute right there to take home.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun Finds

My daughter Sarah and I were at out local Michaels the other day and came across a great new section the have. It contains a ton of packaged paper shapes (they are called paper but are really kind of thick like chip board). They had all kinds and my mind was going wild with ideas. We decided to purchase the Boomarks(only .99 for 12) for a fun starter project as well as the package of alphabet letters ( the best deal $1.99 for 130 letters).
On the way home we decided that these would be a fun Valentine gift for her to make for her class ( no candy allowed at her school :( ). We will make a book mark for each student in the class with there initial on fun right! Here are a couple quick starter samples I made. We will post the class ones closer to Valentines.

Have a Great day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cards Again!

So my new craft room is just about done...hooray! I will post pictures after I finish "card swaping it up"( that is what my friend Button would call it when you need to make something look really cute).
Anyway I was just so excited to make a card in my new space so I found a card challenge over at Cards Blog and decided to make this cute Valentine card. I think this put me in the mood for Valentines Day. Sean and I came up with a new tradition a few years back when Valentines Day was in the middle of the week and it was just to hard for us to go out having 3 kids and all so now we make a Fancy dinner ( like Fillet Mignon) for the kids we decorate the table really nice and we each get a little gift for the kids. Last year we wrote why we loved each other on balloons and let them go outside to tell the world how much we are loved. SO now that I am in the Valentine mood my brain is turning for what to do this year??? Any ideas out there??

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Creations

So here is a rundown of some great Holiday stuff I made this year...maybe next year I will get them done and on the blog BEFORE the holiday's are over :)

These were gifts for my Cardswap girls, I also gave one to Sarah's teacher for his family.
Cookies for santa plates (see at A wishful Thought) Take out box with fresh cookie dough inside
Plate- Tai Pan $2.97 Take out- Container- Michaels $1.00 Initial striped tag- $1.00 Homemade Cookie dough
Ribbon- Costco $6.98 for 50 yds.
Gifts do not have to be expensive to show someone you care it's all in the packaging!

This Christmas for Cardswap we each made two ornaments to swap..we made 10 of each style and swapped them so we each got a whole set of new ornaments for our trees. We used the extras for another tree we decorated and gave to a family in need. Here are my two I designed this year. I did a wood block and a Metal star. Click the Cardswap link above if you would like to see all the ornaments we created.
I made of few of these Christmas gifts for friends I visit at church. I absolutely love how they turned out..too bad i gave them away I still need to make one for myself. They will be on my website next holiday season.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Road Trip Thanksgiving 2008

Whew I am soo behind...Here is the first of a few posts to catch you up. The week prior to Thanksgiving...or rather 5 day prior to Thanksgiving we took the kids on an amazing road trip. About a week prior to this road trip my husband let each of the kids make a list of places in California they would like to see or visit. They could search the internet, ask family and friends etc. They complied a long list and some suggestions even overlapped.He finally narrowed it down to 2 choices for each kid between our home in San Diego and San Francisco. Here is how it unfolded

Stop #1 Sarah Choice Pismo Beach
Rolling down the sand dunes at Pismo Beach, yes she did mean that literally. We had to find some really fun dunes and wait for all the motorcyclist to pass ( us being the family without those 4 wheeling toys) and jump off an roll down the hill....This made Sarah very Happy! We also got to drive on the Beach which the kids thought was cool, but Emily was even happier when we let HER drive on the Beach...
Here are som more pics from Pismo
We made sure we booked hotels where they had free is where we ate breakfast the first morning outside our hotel room...Gorgeous View!

Stop #2 Emily's Choice Winchester Mystery House

Okay so we only got one picture outside the Winchester House. No pictures were allowed inside. All I have to say is that was the weirdest house I have ever seen. Tha winchester lady was a little bit of crazy. We had the most annoying tour guide who had memorized the whole script for the tour and did not or could not deviate from it..litteraly, she coughed twice in a row and kept having to rewind herself. It was one of those events that made us all laugh and will make it memorable.

Stop #3 Sarah's Choice Golden Gate BridgeWe did it all...we drove across it one way, got out took pictures walked half way back across it (until some little children got scared..we won't name names) and then went back and drove back across it the other way. WOW that is alot of the Golden Gate Bridge. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. When I was younger we did not go on vacations, I always imagined families vacationing during the summer to the Golden gate bridge so this was a great day for me to take my own kids there.

Stop #4 Adam's Pick Alcatraz

Alcatraz was fascinating if you are ever in S.F you should most certainly take the tour. It is a self guided audio tour which Adam LOVED he is a sponge for information like that. He loved every minute of it!

After Alcatraz we spent the evening at the Famous Fisherman's Warf

Stop #5 Emily's Pick Jelly Belly factory

Once again no pictures allowed so here is a picture of the kids outside the factory posing with the Jelly Car.

This was so cool to see all the Jelly Belly's being made every time you turned a corner you could smell the kind of Jelly Bean they were making....and the colors of all the bins of Beans was amazing. If you hare ever near by this is a great stop.

Stop #6 Adam's Pick

Well adam wanted to pan for gold but unfortunately the pass we need to go through for that was closed due to snow so we took another route which led us up through south Lake Tahoe and then back down through Mammoth. We spent the night in Mammoth and the hiked a little and I emphasize little way in to an old Gold Mine.

So ther you have it our Road Trip November 2008 It was a whirlwind trip all of that in 5 days. We saw lots of amazing things, laughed alot, even fought a little (what would a trip with kids be without a little arguing :) but we made some Great Memories! Thanks for a great trip I love you Guys.

Here are some of my other favorite pics from the trip
That is looking down at an earthquake fault in mammoth.