Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fun new signs coming to the website in time for the Holiday Season.
Don't forget last to order for the Holiday's is December 8th.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 2014

My or My it's been a while...................

Sean- Still working for Cox...21 Years! Still volunteers for San Diego Search and Rescue and the Sherriff's Dept. Weapons Training Unit! He would do the last two full time if he could but his first job pays the bills. After serving for 2 years in the Bishopric at church he is now the Young Mens President.

The Kids

Emily- Currently she is on month 11 of her 18 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Twin Falls Idaho. She is doing awesome and LOVES her mission! We do however miss her TONS!

Sarah- Always likes being the busy girl. She just finished tennis team for the fall and is currently on Dance ensemble as well as ASB at school. She also takes ballet and jazz at Dance FX. She just turned 16 and currently has her permit and will get her license in February...EEEK!

Adam- Made it into the BTV class at school this year which is the school morning TV show. He pretty much loves it since he gets to learn new thing on the computer which he loves. He has been busy working on Boy Scout stuff . He is also playing the fall season of arena soccer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where does time go????

If some can answer this question i would surely appreciate it. How did the time fly
July-December review
August- Paige turns the big 40 , Sean has a birthday,  Emily turns 18,  We had tons of fun Beach Camping with family and friends. We threw a wedding in our backyard for my niece Kaylin and the Kids went back to school ( minus Emily who is working until she goes to college)
September- this month was filled with all the back to school fun and getting back to a schedule
October- Sean and Paige got to take a 10 day trip up the coast of California. We had no plans and no reservations.  It was a WONDERFUL vacation. Emily stayed at home and played mom and did a great job.
November- Sarah turned the BIG 14. We had a fabulous thanksgiving at our house with Paige's family. As this was the the day 2 years ago that my grandmother passed away we served dinner on her dishes to celebrate her life.
December- This was a busy month with the holidays and Adams 11th birthday, Arrow of light ceremony and Sarah's dance performance.We also left for our trip on the 28th to take Emily to College...Which was exciting , and sad all at the same time. The kids survived the long car ride in the truck together so we could take all of Emily's things with us.
Whew...and now to do it all again this year!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Review January to May

Ok so I am bad at blogging.....but i did create this fun quick snip it of some of our family highlights from January to May of this year.

If you click on the picture it will open up bigger so you can actually read the captions.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's a New Year~again!

Here we are again...where did the year go. I find myself watching them go by faster and faster.

Well this is a big year for our family

#1 I turn 40 in August...really I know you can't believe it because i look so young...haha

#2 Emily Turns 18 do i have an 18 year old??

#3 Emily goes to College...yes COLLEGE -BYU-Idaho to be exact. I could'nt be more proud!

#4 Sean and I Celebrate our 20th anniversary.

So bring it on 2012

I must give credit to Katie Sabin who took this great Family photo for us

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Organized Holiday Season

It is approaching sneaks up on us every year and before you know it the holiday season is in full swing and I am usually the one trying to play catch up. But I am vowing ( ok just really trying) not to have that happen this year. I already have been asking my children about halloween costumes and I will (as soon as I am done blogging) put going to pick pumpkins on the calendar ( the fancy google calendar my husband is trying so hard to get us all to use together so updates go to everyone).
That being said I am proud to say I just finished my Holiday Planner. I saw one on another blog which was nice and got me i headed to the local office supply store and raided my paper stash and came up with this one....

 I titled it "Have yourself a merry little christmas" but really it contains calendars and to do lists for November 1st through December 24th

Here is what you will need:

1 Binder- I used an Avery mini durable view binder. It holds the 5 1/2"x 8 1/2" pages.

1 Package of  lined 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper

1 Package of the same size sheet protectors ( I only used 5 out of the 15 pack so you could split them with a friend or two)

3 sheets 12x12 patterned paper - heavyweight works the best

6 sheets solid 12x12 colored cardstock

3 sheets 81/2" x11" white cardstock
Label maker- or you can print your own labels for the tabs

Fiskars lg. flower punch for the tabs

Adhesive-  i used a wet glue because I thought it would hold up better with all the use this book will get

Brown in to ink the edges of the pages if you like that look

I made 7 sections for my planner and added a tab and a cute saying to each section page

#1 Tab- Calendar            Page title- Merry days & silent nights
This section includes full month calendar for Nov & Dec

#2 Tab-  To Do                  Page Title- Jingle all the Day
includes a sheet of lined paper labeled for each of the days Nov 1st through Dec 24th to use as to do lists each day. (note I use a paperclip to keep track of which day I am on in the book) 
#3  Tab-  Gifts                    Page Title- No Peeking
self expanitory- all those gift lists using the line paper

#4   Tab-Card Lists            Page Title- Joy to the World
also self explanitory

#5    Tab- Food/baking       Page Title- Home for the Holiday's

I will use one of the sheet protectors to hold all those recipes i need or want to try for the holiday's and paper for shopping lists

#6   Tab- Parties                   Page Title- Celebrate the Magic
more lined paper

#7  Tab- Misc                      Page Title- Be Jolly By Golly

I have added a couple more of the sheet protectors in the back one for coupons, one for receipts and one for returns.
These are all the things that will hopefully help keep me organized and able to ENJOY the holiday's this year.

Monday, August 15, 2011

It's a BIG day around here!!

Emily had her first day of her SENIOR YEAR! I have mixed emotions I am both exicted for her and Sad for me. It is amazing how we get to where we are and the adventures life takes us on. I am so grateful for the wonderful amzaing talented girl she has become.
This year she will be performing with dance ensemble, writing for the school newspaper, and will maybe throw in some photography classes as well....doesn't that all sound fun? Of course there will be a little english (her favorite) Economics, history, oh and the nast thing called math :{ As well as some ACT studying, college applying and driving herself to and from school (my FAVORITE part) a few football games and some hanging out with good friends.
So here we go a new adventure!!