Friday, June 26, 2009

Check this out!

Hey my card Swap friends and I want to invite you over to our new blog. These are some amazing creative women sure to inspire many of your projects So head on over to THE ROWDY ROOSTERS and be sure to become a follower you won't want to miss out on a single project.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Frugal Summer Fun

So I am trying to keep my kids busy this sumer without going broke so I thought I would share some fun ideas we are doing.

Monday was Mall day- I had some returns so we headed out we split a buy one get one free pretzel at Auntie Annes pretzels plus a drink and dip $6. I got this fabulous discount card from the High school with great discounts, these are great to look for at the beginning of the school year when the kids are fundraising. We did some window shopping and Adam played on the free playground, the girls tried on clothes for fun and we got see all the cute puppies at the pet store. We ate $1= $4 sundaes from Mcdonalds and ended the day with a cute train ride for Adam and Sarah for $6. All in all we spent $16 and had an afternoon of fun.

Tuesday Fair Day- Yesterday we headed to The San Diego County Fair
Parking- Horsepark free ( line was Looong but moved fast)
Tickets- $2 Free for kids on tuesday, and sean and I got $1 return tickets from when we went so Emiy and I used those.
Lunch- Packed at home and ate while we watched a dance group
Rides- $25 I let each kid have 4 rides and bought the discount sheet + a few extra
Games- $2 They each got to play the fish game and try to win a gold fish- No Luck
Treats-$12 It was taste of the Fair tuesday and that means lots of food vendors offer smaller portions for only $2...We ended up with funnel cakes and get this $1 Shaved ice It was the best!
Gifts- we found a fun place the kids could get 3 neclaces for $5, the girls each picked cute one and even Adam wanted one...of course the shark tooth one which he immediately poked his sister with and she started crying...Boys!
Total-$46 for Mom and 3 kids

Great fun memories at the fair!

Tueday Update -a lesson learned

So this week I was up for the first time..only .2 though. I was not motivated last week and kind of took a break from exercise. No step class or treadmill although I did get a new bike and went on a ride which I have not done in some 10+ years so it was NOT a far ride. Anyway I am hoping to get alot more exercise in this week and get re-motivated to take the next 10 off.

Lesson Learned- If I exercise more I don't have to be so perfect with my points and I can loose...I am definately back at the gym this week!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday Update

All I have to say is what? I really thought I did not do so hot ok I went to CPK and to a grad party and served a big yummy dinner on my hopes were not very high for weigh in this week. But maybe with all the exercise my body is changing..hooray! 1.6 lb lost this week for a total of
10.2lbs gone...boy does that feel good!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A New Hair Color

So I debated never mind you it was 10 o'clock at Target last night what color to do my hair. Now I am a hair color in the box kind of girl ( although this might change that) mostly because I usually have good luck. I had decided to go back to a darker natural color to more closely match my roots. But that is not where the problem began so I digress. I am a hair color in the box kind of girl mostly because I am to cheap to pay for it at the salon. So as I pondered what color to purchase late last night a giant sign in the isle came to my attention. Purchase one of these and get a $5 target gift card ( and you could get up to 2 cards..with the purchase of 2-which I have to do with all my hair) so I mosied on over and checked it it was good on that new clairol color that only takes 10 minutes so of course I decided to check it out, there were not as many color options but I thought what the heck this is the latest stuff so I grabbed two of the Dark Brown and made my way to the check out where I explained to the young-male cashier that I needed to pay for the color first so I could get my gift cards and use them on the other items in my cart..what a deal.

So now here I am with a REALLY dark brown hair color( okay almost black). I absolutely hated it at first but now an hour later it is growing on is different and what the heck it is summer and will be in a pony tail most of the time anyway.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Color Explosion

When we bought our home almost 9 years ago this first thing I planted were Hydrangeas. I love them and could not wait to have a yard to put them in. Year after year they never fail me....the bloom and bloom and are absolutely beautiful! I love to come around the corner to my house and see those wonderful blooms.


Tueday Update

Hard week but .6 lost! Plan to work had this week to hit the 10lb gone mark!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Update

Okay I promise I have more "creative" things to post here soon! Just short on time lately.
I had a great week 1.6lbs lost for a running total of 8lbs and feeling good!

Here is to the start of another great week:)

P.S. that is right after my "free meal" this is my little cheat that keeps me happy. If I have lost weight when I weigh in I allow myself a "free" meal that I don''t have to count the points, usually something I have been craving. It is NOT WW protocol but it works for me and keeps me HAPPY!