Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where does time go????

If some can answer this question i would surely appreciate it. How did the time fly
July-December review
August- Paige turns the big 40 , Sean has a birthday,  Emily turns 18,  We had tons of fun Beach Camping with family and friends. We threw a wedding in our backyard for my niece Kaylin and the Kids went back to school ( minus Emily who is working until she goes to college)
September- this month was filled with all the back to school fun and getting back to a schedule
October- Sean and Paige got to take a 10 day trip up the coast of California. We had no plans and no reservations.  It was a WONDERFUL vacation. Emily stayed at home and played mom and did a great job.
November- Sarah turned the BIG 14. We had a fabulous thanksgiving at our house with Paige's family. As this was the the day 2 years ago that my grandmother passed away we served dinner on her dishes to celebrate her life.
December- This was a busy month with the holidays and Adams 11th birthday, Arrow of light ceremony and Sarah's dance performance.We also left for our trip on the 28th to take Emily to College...Which was exciting , and sad all at the same time. The kids survived the long car ride in the truck together so we could take all of Emily's things with us.
Whew...and now to do it all again this year!!!

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